New Recording Projects

I want to record some of the songs I’ve written in the past 5-7 years, since I released “Misfit” in 2011 and “The Other Side of Nowhere” in 2012.  It’s true that I released “Word” and “Roses” by Total Flower Chaos in 2016, but “Word” was spoken word over rock music, and “Roses” was instrumental rock.  But I’ve written many songs since 2012 and have been performing them with my acoustic group, Scupanon, and with my rock group, Electric Poetry.  Some of them, I think, are my best songs.  And it’s not just my opinion– some of them get a big reaction when played live, and people tell me they really like the new songs.

My thinking now is that I’d like to record 3 different albums, each consisting of 5 songs, or maybe more.  They would correspond to what I’ve been playing in my two bands, Electric Poetry and Scupanon– and get the band members to record the songs– as well as the more out-there rock (musically and lyrically) that falls under the Total Flower Chaos category.

Here’s some potential song lists for each of the 3 recording projects:

Electric Poetry (Rock)
1.  3-Legged Dog
2.  Too Late
3.  Empty
4.  My Favorite Disguise
5.  Mama Had a Mohawk
6.  The Way (or include with Total Flower Chaos ?)

Scupanon (Acoustic)
1.  The Last Generation
2.  The Flood
3.  Disconnected
4.  I Didn’t Believe (acoustic version)
5.  3-Legged Dog (acoustic version)
6.  Too Much Traffic  (acoustic version)

Total Flower Chaos (Psychedelic/Hard Rock / Political)
1.  The Voice of Doubt
2.  Metadata
3.  Too Much Traffic
4.  I Didn’t Believe
5.  The Way (or include with Electric Poetry?)
6.  The Cure Goes Surfing
7.  The Neighborhood  (maybe)
Perhaps instrumental interludes between songs?

Of course, the reason I haven’t recorded any of these before now is the lack of funding.  I’ll have to figure that out.  Each of these projects will cost between $6000 and $9000.  Previous albums were mainly funded by me with income from my day job.  That’s no longer possible, or desirable.  See my previous blog, Making the Transition from a Music Hobbyist to a Music Professional.

That’s my thinking at this time.

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