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Love Song Clichès (A Poem)

by Rob Roper  January 16, 2014

I want to write a love song for you.
But what would I say?

I would tell you
that I love you
like the stars above
stars are suns
and they’re really hot.
So that would be telling you
that I want you to burn up
and die
which is
hardly romantic.

I would tell you that
as long as the sun is shining
I will always love you
I’ll die
long before the sun stops shining.
You will, too.
So that would be a lie
and you probably don’t want a liar
for a boyfriend.

Yes, there could be a hereafter
in which case
I could love you
for as long as the sun is shining
but the hereafter is just a theory
and you don’t want promises
based on mere theories
do you?

I would tell you
that my love is
as deep as the ocean
but you would drown down there
so that sounds like a threat
and you might have me arrested.

Let’s just forget about it.