The New MySpace?

I heard there was a “new” MySpace.  So I went to, and among the clutter of the page, there was a box about it, saying it’s built “totally from scratch”, and although “it’s not quite ready yet, click now to get a sneak peak!”

“Built entirely from scratch” gave me hope;  maybe they learned their lessons?  Maybe they’ve hired some good developers, and are creating a website that works on all modern browsers, isn’t dependent on buggy 3rd-party plugins like Adobe Flash, and doesn’t overwhelm you with cookies, adware and spyware?  Could it be true?

So I clicked on it.  Looks like my hopes were dashed.  Yes, I have to agree “it’s not quite ready yet”.  Here’s what it looks like on the latest version of the Mozilla Camino browser:

I logged into Myspace, figuring I’d be nice and contact them and send this to them and give them a chance to fix it.  They didn’t list “Contact Us” at the top of the page– another example of bad web design, so I scrolled to the bottom of the page.  But before I could find “Contact Us” in the fine print at the bottom, more crap came on the screen.  I scrolled down again, same thing.  I was never able to get to the bottom of the page.  Just like Facebook.  Oh well.  I doubt if they would have paid attention to my message anyway.  This is exactly the sort of problem caused by the use of Adobe Trash… er, sorry, Adobe Flash.  Obviously they haven’t learned their lessons.  If the “new” MySpace is going to be dependent on Adobe Trash, then it’s doomed to failure.  Even if it is “built entirely from scratch”.


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