The Open Mic Diva

She arrives at 7:00pm and signs up for the 9:00pm slot. Then she leaves.

She returns at 8:45 with her friend. At 9:00 she plays her three songs. Then she packs up her guitar and leaves.

She doesn’t hear anyone else play, except the person who played just before her.

She doesn’t meet or talk to anyone else there.

I guess the Open Mic Diva thinks that no one else playing could possibly be worth hearing, and definitely not becoming friends with.

Oh well, her loss.


2 thoughts on “The Open Mic Diva

  1. Dude…they come and spill their heart to you… And….you are in love. You see your whole life with them in a snap shot in time…it’s a genetic reaction, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for your thoughts. Reminds me of my only summer camp experience burned to hard disk, in my head…my first kiss. This girl, she came up to me at the last night….ask me to kiss her. I did. …felt so special, we shared a moment…. But then she went around and asked all the other guys for a kiss also. I actually look at it as a performance art piece…callled “Smuck.” But I compartmentalize that in a little part of my mind called “Misogynistic bullshit,” and I try to move on with the view that we are all suffering and just trying to make it though. In other words…she was shy…and needed her friends to build her up…(talking about your deva here.) You should feel pity. Really…you should feel pity and hope she comes back. If she does you might be able to connection over time, but I would try to leave your own baggage out of it…unless of course you are looking for creative material…then dude fall hard for her…really hard and make sure you learn a bunch of minor chords.

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