Heart but no Brain

I started this one about a year-and-a-half ago, then it sat for awhile, and I came back to it about a month ago, and feel like it’s at a first draft stage where I can put it out there for feedback. I’m still trying to figure out how to sing it; it’s a little challenging for me. I think that’s because I’m still trying to figure out what the melody should be in some places. (You can here it at www.myspace.com/robroperdemos). And the lyrics may need some tweaking also. The structure is unusual, but that seemed to be what the song wanted musically.

Heart but no Brain
by Rob Roper 3rd draft March 22, 2009

You got a heart but no brain
a voice out in the rain
spoken, never heard
and so much to say

An apprentice with no master
Apollo’s little bastard
left on your own
and time moves ever faster

I can see you’re just a flower
that needs a little water
the neglected middle son
the farmer’s ugly daughter

You just need a little help
but you’re too shy to ask
you don’t want to be a burden
and you’re afraid they will laugh

You’ve got so much inside you
that wants to come out
but no one believes in you
and you’ve got your doubts

You know where you’re going
but you don’t have a map
So you stare at the road
and you feel that you’re trapped

If you quit and gave up
no one would care
nobody knows
what you have to share

And now your forehead
is all black and blue
’cause the brick wall is stubborn
but so are you

(instr over B part)

(repeat V1 and V2)

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