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Sorry for ignoring you

Dear blog,

Sorry for ignoring you. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. But I started this mainly as a blog about my songwriting, and I haven’t been doing much of that. I recorded a record, “Me”, in the Spring and Summer of 2009 and released it in the Fall. Then I formed a band around December 2009, and focused on gigs with the band in the Spring of 2010. Then in the summer and fall of 2010, I’ve been recording another record, a full-length, professionally produced record. And working a full time day job all along also. More than full time; I’m forced to work a lot of overtime on this job, no way out of it. So not much time for songwriting.

But I came back to the blog today, and read the last post, about getting better. That was confirmed in the current recording project. The producer, John McVey, is using professional musicians, and he himself is a very good guitar player and singer. And he’s been kicking my ass to make me a better singer and guitar player. It’s been a little humbling, but good for me. If you want to read more about this recording project, go to my website,

But I’ve been itching to get back to songwriting. I’ve got a ton of musical and lyrical ideas. So once I get this record done, and do a little promotion for it, I hope to take 2-3 months off and write some new songs.


Recording a 2nd EP

Today I scheduled a recording session at Swallow Hill in Denver for May 21. As of now, my plan is to make a 5-song EP of songs I’ve been playing for the last year or so. I’ll record the 3 songs I wrote a year ago– “Like a Child”, “Me”, and “You Could Have Had Me”, and two of the first songs I wrote that I didn’t put on my DIY record, “Daddy’s Little Girl” (2004) and “I Miss Me” (2005).

“Some Songs I Wrote” was a DIY record I recorded myself in my basement 2 years ago, mixed and mastered it, played all the instruments, and did the artwork–even took my own photograph. This time I’ll have Swallow Hill’s recording engineer and live show sound man, Brian Hunter, handle the technical duties. And I’ll have my violin player who’s been accompanying me the last two years, Julie Oxenford O’Brian, record her parts.

The tentative title is “More Songs I Wrote”. It will come out in a cardboard sleeve (I HATE jewel cases).

Of course I reserve the right to change my mind on any and all of the above. 🙂