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My Favorite Disguise (new song)

I started this back in 2009, finished it up a few days ago.  The tempo is fast, and calls for short snappy rhyming lines.

My Favorite Disguise
© Rob Roper  December 8, 2013

Hey look at me
What do you see?
Just what you want
Just what you need
So charming
It’s disarming
But you’re in for a surprise
This is my favorite disguise

I know
it’s deceiving
I guess
it’s cheating
a false humility
to hide my insecurity
I’m not as advertised
This is my favorite disguise

I need love like anybody else
But I’ll never get it if I be myself

Once you see
the real me
It won’t be pretty
and you’ll be leaving me
I’ll be ashamed
but I won’t blame you
I’ll put on my costume
and find another you
Sorry for the lies
and my favorite disguise