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New Song – You Dug Your Grave

I actually started this one in the late 90’s.  I came up with the chorus lyrics, melody and chords, but struggled to come up with verses.  I came back to it on and off in subsequent years.  I dug it out again a couple weeks ago and got the verses done.  Of course, it’s just a draft, I might change them. 

You Dug Your Grave
by Rob Roper  2nd Draft  July 5, 2013

Verse 1
Red and blue lights
on top of white cars
Neighbors are gathering
in their front yards
    You make excuses
    No charges will be pressed
    Tonight I’ll sleep on your couch
    And tomorrow
    He’ll be back in your bed

Verse 2
Every time it happens
you seem so surprised
but what did you expect
from these kind of guys?
You’re like a drunk who can’t quit
So I’m learning not to care
The next midnight call
I won’t be there

    You made your bed
    Now lie in it
    You dug your grave
    Now die in it

Verse 3
In your twisted sexuality
I’m a friend you don’t kiss
I’m wasting my time here
I get nothing out of this
You like the tough boys
So more blood will spill
You don’t want to change
So I will
I will

    (Repeat Chorus)