I moved from Tucson to Denver 10 years ago. I finally wrote a a song about Tucson.

by Rob Roper 1st draft Feb 16, 2010

Gabriela was pretty
though she always looked down
She was like the city
a grown-up little town
I should have left them
ten years ago
But she and the Catalinas
just won’t let me go.

On 4th Avenue
College girls drink
Spending daddy’s money
with fake I.D.’s
And the Sand Rubies play
while I sip my beer
Wondering what the hell
I’m doing here

Out in the desert
Snowbirds play golf
The winter’s too nice here
It’s making me soft
Oh give me four seasons
Winter snow and all
Where the trees
are pretty in the fall

Gabriela, my dear
Summer’s almost here
The Palo Verde trees
have lost their yellow leaves
Oh you’ll probably call me
sometime in June
Then you’ll disappear
like a summer monsoon.

I should rent a truck
and pack up my stuff
Goodbye Santa Ritas
Goodbye Catalinas
But the sun is too hot
in Tucson today
so I’m
just looking for some shade.

Oh, the sun is too hot
in Tucson today
and I’m
just looking for
some shade.

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