New song – The Voice of Doubt

This one started with a guitar riff in the DADGAD tuning, probably 2 years ago or more. Then January 2009 I started thinking of lyrics for it. It sat around until today when I assembled the lyrics into a first draft. You can hear a very rough demo, just me and guitar, recorded on a handheld digital recorder, at my myspace demo site. Here’s the lyrics as of today.


The Voice of Doubt
1st draft Nov 14, 2009

Why you wanna be all alone?
Can’t you just do what you’re told?
It don’t matter if you’re right
You will never change their minds
Can’t you see the game is rigged?
And that you can never win?
And what makes you so sure you’re right?
What if everything’s a lie?

Just go along
Pretend it ain’t wrong
Do what you’re told
Let your heart grow cold

I’m just trying to help you, my friend
I hate to see you suffer like this
I hate to see you waste your life
You know we only go around one time
What’s the point if you always lose?
You don’t have to take the abuse
Why you wanna hang on that cross?
Who the hell do you think you are?

Just shut up
Don’t speak up
A fool and his dreams
And you just want to scream

You think too much
and you read too much
A fool and his dreams
And you just want to scream

4 thoughts on “New song – The Voice of Doubt

  1. I like the guitar sound as it is…kind of strange sounding. Is it only one guitar? I would like to hear your vocals warped with effects for this particular song…distorted…detached from the world. But I like only having the guitar sound only as it is. I the song without any drums.

    If you ever get a wild hair and want to know what I mean…send me two tracks…one guitar and one vocal…I’ll have some fun in logic.

    Maybe I’ll even add a scream or two.


  2. One guitar. Guitar and vocals recorded at the same time to a handheld digital recorder. The guitar is my Fender jazzmaster tuned to DADGAD. I hit the two low strings for a drone effect, and play the riff on the middle two strings.

    I don’t know how to sing this song I wrote. Seems like it needs to be a metal singer. I’m not a good screamer. If people like it and I perform and/or record it, I’ll have to figure out a way to make it suit my singing style.


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