by Rob Roper 2nd draft Dec 8, 2008

Too weird for straight
too straight for freaks
not a redneck
not a hippy
Don’t have a tatoo
don’t have piercings
don’t have dreadlocks
don’t wear a hoodie

Don’t watch sitcoms
or the cop shows
Don’t watch the Oscars
or the Grammys
Don’t like the Idols
or the hit songs
The music that I like
you never heard of

Don’t eat McDonalds
I’m not a vegan
don’t drink Jaegermeiser
or Bud-lite
Don’t have children
or a wife
not gay
or even bi

Not a Democrat
or Republican
not a Christian
not a Jew
not a Muslim
or a Buddist

What’s a misfit boy gonna do?
Gotta find me a misfit girl
Like you.

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