New song – Falling into Heaven

Here’s another experimental song I’m working on. With this one, I started with a rhythm and chord progression on my Fender strat electric guitar, then started humming a melody, and during the musical refrain section, the words “falling into heaven” just came out. I didn’t know what that meant, but I liked the phrase, since we normally think of “rising” into heaven, not “falling”.

Later, while walking, driving, and hiking–especially while hiking–I had the music in my head, and allowed myself to just open my mind and allow anything to come out, no matter how absurd, and wrote them down. Later I arranged these weird phrases into loose verses. My “editor” tried to get involved and give the song a meaning, but I tried not to let him. I wanted to keep it open to different interpretations by different people.

It’s still a rough draft, I’ll almost certainly add and change some of the lines. I recorded a rough acoustic version and put it on my myspace site.

Falling into Heaven
by Rob Roper September 1, 2008

Lost and found and lost again
That’s the way you’ve always been
Running naked with the wind
Fall down, get up, fall down again

You’re falling…
into heaven.

Go outside, talk to the trees
Hear the wisdom in the breeze
Read a story to your cat
Walk around in a silly hat

You’re falling…
into heaven.

Hitch a ride, don’t ask where
Go to work in your underwear
Lay your head down on the ground
Listen to that pretty sound

You’re falling…
into heaven.

Give your spare change to a bum
Don’t ask what he spends it on
Take a hike, go off the trail
Get too drunk and land in jail

You’re falling…
into heaven.

Lost and found and lost again
That’s the way I’ve always been
You don’t have to rescue me
It’s the way I like to be

I’m falling…
into heaven.
I’m falling, falling…
into heaven.

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